Finca del Niño

Founded by Vincent and Zulena Pescatore in 1993, Finca del Niño (Farm of the Child) is a home committed to the physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual care of orphaned and abandoned Honduran children. This beautiful mission, modeled on the Holy Family, serves as a family-style orphanage, Catholic school, and medical clinic on the northern coast of Trujillo, Honduras. Currently, the Finca ministers to 28 children who live on site (ages 7 to 19), about 120 children who join them from local villages in the primary school and junior high school, and hundreds of campesinos who come to our Sagrada Corazon clinic from neighboring villages. The 22 acre property holds the school buildings, children and volunteer housing, the clinic, a beautiful chapel and peace garden, and a backyard of clear blue waters, backing right into the Caribbean Sea. Our team is comprised of a Catholic lay program director, three Franciscan Sisters of the Assumption, Honduran house parents and tias (who live with the children in same gender, same age group homes as a type of foster parent), and a community of international lay missionaries.

The vision statement of the Finca well summarizes what this beautiful piece of earth is all about:

In gratitude for the great love that Jesus Christ gives us,
we decide to unite ourselves and form a community
to care for needy children and to promote the development
of a productive society of devout Christians.

In summary, Mark 9:37 is our mission: “Whoever welcomes a child such as this for my sake welcomes me. And whoever welcomes me welcomes, not me, but Him who sent me”. When we welcome our children, we welcome Him, the King, into our hearts.

Thank you, Jesus, for calling me to this new home.



To learn more about Farm of the Child, explore the following links.

Farm of the Child website

YouTube videos about the Finca

Finca Missionary Handbook

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